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Next Show:
Saturday Night August 14th
Rascal's Comedy Club
West Orange New Jersey

Be prepared for new and exciting changes to the RobShow coming very soon. Steaming video, Shockwave Games, audio short, a virtual 'RobFest'. We know, we know, we've been saying it for awhile, but it's not like we've got a helluva lot of free time on our hands, y'know? I mean, some of us don't have the luxury of being able to surf the net for hours at a time, idly clicking on interesting looking things, ordering stuff from catalog retailers and downloading filthy pictures with various celebrities' heads digitally superimposed over the original models. We actually have lives and jobs to tend to. So in the meanwhile:


There have been so many requests to re-post the classic Semi-Fictional Cyber Journals of the Robio as he traveled across this great land with the Imus in the Morning Remote Road Show that quite frankly, it became annoying. So against our better judgement, we have bowed to pressure and have complied, in the interests of giving you something to do other than hitting the 'reload' button to see how many different pictures we have cycling through the Home Page. There may or may not be more of these, it all depends. But what are you complaining about? It's not like you're paying for this or anything. Except maybe the time it takes for you to click through these little nuggets of pith and vinegar. Either way, it beats looking at that hideous baby picture for the 80th time, doesn't it?

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